About us

Designed by a "t-shirt and jeans girl" in California, MCC Tees sells t-shirts and skirts to be worn however you wish. I work as an artist, painting in my studio in our garage and I'm usually in a t-shirt, so I've made some of my own for sale. The designs are inspired by my life, my family, my childhood, as well as by my old designs I hand painted on t-shirts years ago for my then-boyfriend-now-husband to wear on stage in NYC. Growing up in Rhode Island, my family spent most of our time outdoors: barefoot in the summer wearing a t-shirt and swimsuit, a t-shirt and cutoffs, a t-shirt and jeans, and later, working as a designer in New York and L.A., a t-shirt and heels. Show me photos of how you wear your MCC Tees and I'll post them. 

You can see some of my artwork here: www.wendymccauley.com

Please note: All T's are "Made to Order" (printed according to each order received). Printing takes 3-5  business days. Shipping times vary: 3-5 business days via USPS, 1-3 business days expedited. Expect to receive your order in 7-14 days.

One T shirt at a time. Made to order. 10% of all sales is donated to the charity of your choice at checkout.

All designs are strictly the property of MCC Tees. For licensing of designs, or wholesale opportunities, email info@mcctees.com. Feel free to Contact us with any questions.